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Chapter 9
Meluryn's broad back and curly hair were easy to spot, even from across the room.  I meandered toward the table, where he, Rhisiart, and Seyzhavye were having a council of war with a gray-haired man with a face like a cross between a bird of prey and a hatchet.  He looked like a Viking, honestly, and I wondered idly where his horned helmet was before sliding onto the bench beside Seyzhavye.
She was apparently relating the tale of how she'd finished the riddle match.  "-and kicked sand into it, to keep it from healing."  She obviously expected something other than the anger that darkened his face, deepening the already harsh lines.
"Sand?  You think sand will stop his like?  Has all lore been lost so soon?"  His eyebrows lowered ominously, like thunderheads over a clear sky.  I noted absently that his eyes were an astonishing gray before he continued his tirade.  "Cold iron.  An
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Demons and Tails
This one's kinda old, but I never submitted it. It's from May and has been sitting in my Stash, gathering dust. Anyway, I'd flirted with the idea of making a comic out of this really, really old, defunct idea with these demon-critters with tails and wings that I'd used for anatomy studies for awhile, but the story kinda died off, mostly 'cause I suck at comics. Or, rather, I suck at finishing comics. 

I had fun with the musculature, though. And the tails. 

Heavily reffed this one. When I get home, I'll add a link to the photo. 
Working on a new book, resurrecting an old, somewhat broken/questionable world (Enrosia) and fixing the damn thing. Now it's a fantasy murder mystery ('cause everything I write turns into a murder mystery) and whatever the opposite of epic-fantasy is (non-epic fantasy?). Nobody leaves the city, no one finds a world changing object, no one goes on a quest; instead, it's crime, drugs, murder, culture conflict resulting from being a port city, and class-related inequality. Also, blue elves (I'm getting very adept at blue similes to describe their skin color). 

So this is one of my new viewpoint characters, Kossa. He's a member of a militia (which is kinda like law enforcement, but not quite, privately funded by one of the rulers of the city (there are five of them, therefore, five militias at least, though I think there might be six or seven)). Anyway, in this world, you acquire magic by participating in a ritual and drinking the bone-dust of a dead god, but that magic can also be taken from you, rather brutally and painfully. Kossa here once had magic, backstory plot-stuff occurred, and he was stripped of it (giving him those scars on his arms and hands, and over pretty much the whole of his body). Fast forward twenty or so years, and he's conned his way into magic again by joining the militia, only it's not as much as he used to have, so he has to get clever to achieve certain results (such as weaponizing ball bearings, which are the things that are floating around him). 

This doodle turned out better than the others, so I refined it a little and added some color. Not sure if I like that color scheme for the militia uniform, but it's a start. And I hate that face-angle, but for once, it came out looking okay, which was surprising since this was done without reference. 


R. Taylor
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Lately (at least a year, probably longer), I've been struggling with my sense of confidence in what I create and something that's often called Impostor Syndrome. I won't go too far into it, because it's a negative ball of toxic crap and burns anyone who touches it, including me, and I don't really want to inflict that on you, but I've realized, importantly, that I don't share my art with anyone anymore. And I think that's shriveling me on the inside. 

While at college, I hid a lot of things because I felt shame. Shame that I wrote so many pages and people gave me dagger-looks for it, and I had to choose between being prolific and being good, because in their minds, you can't be both. Shame that I wrote what they called "genre" instead of the "true" art-form of "literature." Shame that I could draw, too. I'll never forget that one kid who saw me doodling and demanded, "If you draw like that, why are you trying to get a writing degree?" That one hurt, 'cause drawing is my hobby and something that makes me happy, but writing is my passion and something that fills me with joy. 

I had a few associates. I don't know if I'd call most of them friends, since I couldn't share that one thing that was so personal to me--my creativity--because I did so once and the jerk burned me so badly, I still hear his voice in my head (he took me apart, piece by piece, for two years; I'm still fixing the damage he caused). 

But I so, so desperately want to share what I do. It's hard to keep screaming into a void and never hearing anything but my own voice echoing back across an impossible distance. I want to share what I make in a space where I feel safe. And yesterday, I remembered: 

"I felt safe on DeviantART." 

I miss the community I had on here. I miss the friends that I made. I miss the connection I had with other people, a connection that wasn't toxic or competitive or destructive. I miss all of you and I want to come back. 

I've decided to share my writing on here. Maybe a bit more art, since I've been doing more of it now (though not much is finished). Mostly, I'll share the stuff that I either can't find a market for, or was fun but not publishable for whatever reason. I'm going to try to be more active again and give as much as I take. 
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